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There is no denying that personal coaching, getting support from your peers or staying abreast of critical business trends can all help you be more effective at leadership. 

Now there is an organization that offers a combination of all these elements in a model that recognizes just how busy you are. Peer Group Forums has been established with the vision to make exceptional executive peer advisory groups, and the vast benefits they bring, accessible to as many executives as possible.

We recognized the gap that exists in authentic and practical professional executive development, at a price that is affordable, and a time commitment that is realistic. Our extensive research of member needs, we have structured a model that addresses the most important aspects of business and personal ambitions, to ensure that our members achieve their goals and outperform their competitors

Why does Peer Group Forums Exist? Quite simply, we know that the top executives in any organization have challenges, face issues and operate in a world that is hard for most others to understand or comprehend. The CEO/COO rarely has co-workers whom they can open up to or who don’t have a personal agenda that tends to filter what really should be said. C-level executives face many of the same challenges, and as a result they need a place to go where they can vet their ideas, get mentoring and get unfiltered feedback in a confidential, noncompetitive forum of their peers.

Peer Group Forums was born of the vision that decision-makers like yourself, should be able to come together with like-minded professionals and collaborate, learn from each other and tackle the most pressing issues. As a result, you can achieve higher levels of success - in your business and in all aspects of your life.

As a result, we know what it takes to put together an effective and value-driven member experience. We understand just how much can be gained when CEO/COOs and leaders collaborate. You will take away invaluable knowledge from the hands-on experiences of other top minds. With this knowledge in hand, your business sense and success will be taken to the next level.

About Us

Our founder, Wayne Scherger, has a combined 35 years experience in this space, in both executive roles and as group members. He has seen what business leaders want from professional development, and what they don’t, and has refined these concepts into a compelling package designed to meet the needs of leaders today.

Wayne Scherger,  Founder

Wayne Scherger, Founder

Peer Group Forums was created for CEO/COOs who wanted to take the next step beyond conferences and events which present ideas but little camaraderie or accountability. Peer Group Forums is committed to enabling its members to build relationships and learn from the experiences of their peers by providing timely relevant discussions and exceptional service delivery. Meeting these objectives has enabled members to improve performance of their organizations and enhance their careers.

Peer Group Forums membership is by invitation only and includes:

  • 6 Forum meetings per year
  • Quarterly Chair hosted video calls
  • Access to Leadership resources
  • Email and telephone support

Peer Group Forums members are encouraged to take active participation in the bi-monthly meetings as well as supply feedback in order for us to continually strive to bring you the most current and relevant topics.


Member Profile

Members of Peer Group Forums for CEO/COO's are experienced executives with strategic responsibilities and part of the executive board. Titles representing this position may include, Chairman, CEO, Managing Director, Partner, General Manager, Managing Member.

Agenda Themes

Themes covered vary from group to group. The Peer Group Forums Chair decide the strategic goal and agenda themes for the meetings.

The Forum members spar on specific member issues.  Peer Group Forums groups work with contemporary trends and developments thus addressing the issues that members face in their business life.

In addition, the groups work with personal leadership strategies and leadership development in general.

Topics include: Recruitment, engagement and retention of staff, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Strategic Planning etc.