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Peer Group Forums Chairs are an exclusive group of advisors/facilitators.

Each Chairperson helps to guide high-integrity CEO/COO/Presidents and other senior executives to become better leaders in their companies and communities, by addressing the common struggles and complex challenges they face on the path to personal and professional excellence.

As a Peer Group Forums Chair, you serve as a facilitator to your group – helping them navigate their biggest challenges so they can reach that next level of success.

Our Chairs are hand-selected, elite group of advisors. Each one has achieved peak levels of success in their own careers. They share a desire to use their business acumen and leadership experiences to help today’s top executives on their path to personal and professional excellence.

The life of a Peer Group Forums Chair is an opportunity to create an impact that ripples from the C-Suite, through company ranks and into your community.

What does a Peer Group Forums Chair do?

As a Chair, you facilitate a confidential peer group meeting every 2 months with 12-14 executives (members) from non-competing industries. In these meetings, members discuss their most pressing issues and opportunities, gathering insights from those who’ve tackled similar situations. You would co-ordinate where/when the meetings will be held – and organize the meeting room. At the end of the meeting you would send out an Event Evaluation to the members to collect feedback on that days meeting. You would be responsible for updating the membership site with meeting notes and getting the next meeting location (another members office location) noted in membership site for ease of access for members.

Peer Group Forums provides a time-tested model that delivers proven results to its members.

It’s meaningful, financially rewarding work. On your won schedule.

As a qualified Peer Group Forums Chair you would:

The benefits of a Peer Group Forums Chair Practice:

You have maximum impact on today’s small and midsized businesses. Our peer group method will drive your members to outperform their competition through bull and bear times.

You can generate recurring revenue with long-term relationships with members in your group(s).

We are in a fast-growing industry with steady demand. Peer Group Forums chief executives’ members typically receive such value that they stay for significant periods of time. There is not limit on the number of groups you can launch.

You have control over your time and travel.

As an independent contractor, you can build a practice that gives you flexibility and suits your schedule. Choose the number of hours a week or month that you want to work. Travel is minimal as your monthly meetings are all local.

Becoming a Peer Group Forums Chair is an opportunity to impact the local business community in a measurable way

The Ideal Chair is…

• Well networked
• A strong leader
• Up to date on latest technology and business systems
• Available to run “Executive Events” and group meetings
(every 2 months). This is 12-16 days per year
• Has a strong social networking presence
• Skilled at Sales and Marketing


Peer Group Forums Chair Q & A

How much will I earn as a regional Chair?

You earn 50% of the revenue from member’s fees. Each member pays 10k annually. Initial deposit for a member is $750 (one-time fee). Monthly fees are then $750. Members sign a 1-year Membership Agreement – that is renewed yearly.

What is the “Initial Package Fee?

Initial Package Fee is $2,750. That fee is to cover the materials you will need to launch your group (banners, clothing, forms, business cards etc.).

How will I recruit my members?

You will be responsible for the recruiting of your own group members. We have a multi-pronged marketing plan established that will generate plenty of leads. You as the chair are responsible for the cost of the marketing tactics. We have vetted vendors that will implement the strategies for you.

How am I trained to be a Peer Group Forums Chair?

As soon as you sign your Chair License Agreement – you will enter the “Right Start” program. That consists of your initial training and logistics to set-up your business. We have an online portal where your login for the virtual training (reading chapters/modules, viewing videos, passing tests). Upon completion of that training – you will attend 2 days classroom training in Hilton Head, SC. It is during this time that you will prepare your Marketing Calendar to implement the marketing strategies/tactics to build your group(s). Travel costs (flights/hotel) will be incurred by the Chair.

When can I expect to get paid?

The month following each event, you will be paid 1/6 of your total revenue for the members in good standing at the time of the event.

How long will it take to build my Peer Group Forums group?

You should have a complete group built in 6 months.
You are required to have 8 members recruited before you can launch your group. Information sessions (Executive Events) are held every 2 months until you have built a full group).

Does Peer Group Forums have a membership site?

Yes, We have a developed a membership site – exclusevevily for Chairs and members.

our chair


wayne scherger

I have accumulated 30 years of real life experience since starting my first real company at 22. I have a unique understanding of growing companies, having led business areas from Operations, Marketing, Administration and Recruitment/Training to Strategic Alliances, Sales and Call Centers.

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