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CEO & COO Networking Memberships

Membership in Peer Group Forums puts you in a peer advisory group of up to 14 like-minded business executives from diverse industries, each driven to become better leaders and achieve greater success and significance. The Peer Group Forums membership encompasses: CEOs, founders and presidents; Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers; and other top level leaders who share best practices, solve problems and exchange invaluable peer feedback.

Interested in becoming a member of one of our Peer Group Forums groups? You’ll find our minimum qualifications below. In an effort to engineer the best peer groups, Peer Group Forums is committed to making sure that we are the right fit for you and you are the right fit for us. Prior to being accepted to a peer advisory group, a Peer Group Forums representative will meet with you.

Peer Group Forums:


Must be the CEO, founder, president or partner of a company with at least $3 million in annual sales and be experienced, successful and like-minded in striving for growth and excellence in both business and personal life. Meet every other month for 8 hours with a group of 14 fellow chief executives, facilitated by a seasoned business leader with CEO experience in recruiting, hiring, managing and motivating.


Ascent CEO:

Members, like chief executives in the pioneering Peer Group Forums CEO groups, meet bi-monthly for 8 hours to learn from each other and tackle their most pressing issues. Their companies have sales from $1.5 million through $4 million
– and have 20+ employees

What happens next?

To register your interest in joining a Peer Group Forums group, please complete your details to the right, or call us if you prefer 888.464.4242 or 404.919.7030. The next step would be to meet with you at your offices to understand your business, your needs and answer any further questions.

If we both agree (mutual decision) that membership in Peer Group Forums is right for you, then we make sure that you are placed in the best group that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.