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Why Peer Group Forums


Peer Group Forums is an elite group of top Operations executives who meet bi-monthly to focus on growth and leadership. We share top ideas, best practices, and are committed to each other's success. Exchange best practices with other executives dedicated to each other's top performance. Confidentially exchange what is working, what is not, key strategies and top ideas.

Bi-Monthly meetings – plus quarterly (one-hour teleconferences/video calls) provide a powerful forum in which Operations leaders can exchange what is working, what is not, strategies and ideas in a confidential environment with a dedicated group of other Operations leaders whose only agenda is to help each other outperform. If you ever miss a meeting, they are all available on the member portal in PDF summaries.

To join a Peer Group Forums you must either be one of the top operations executives at the corporate or divisional level (common titles include COO, SVP, VP, Director) or be a possible contender to eventually ascend into one of these top positions.

Running a growing business presents a lot of challenges. As the leader, you can find yourself buried in the many issues that raise themselves on an ongoing basis. This can sometimes lead to you dealing with the urgent rather than focusing on the important.

Where do you go to get some clarity and perspective on how your business is going, and what opportunities may lie ahead?

• How do you deal with that sense of isolation?

• Who really holds you accountable to make sure you’re making the right decisions at the right time?

• How do you manage with the constant changes and innovations in your business environment?


Membership in Peer Group Forums gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace. With an experienced Chair and committed fellow members, you have the opportunity to tap into vast resources of wisdom at your fingertips. Now that you have this edge, here’s how you can harness it to deliver the best results for you and your business.


Peer Group Forums was created to help you navigate your way through all these crucial issues.

• Membership of an elite group of up to 14 business leaders who act as an effective and objective advisory board

• Industry Leading Speakers who will present you with new thinking and best practice

You’re time poor. You’re always busy. And you need to ensure you allocate your valuable time in the most effective way.

Membership in a Peer Group Forum group will allow you to focus on the crucial elements of growing your business to ensure maximum effectiveness of your time.

• 6 meetings/year (every 2 months)

Table and discuss your issues and opportunities with your group to gain the best perspective. Including an expert speaker running a 2 hour workshop for your group, resulting in practical and tangible takeaways.

• quarterly (one-hour teleconferences/video calls)
• Annual goals setting day (fall)


Establish & highlight business and personal goals for the upcoming year. Focus on accountability and turning learning into action